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I’m Klydie
and I’m a yogi & healer in Paris.


I help people gain clarity and insight to feel whole and manifest an abundant life. 

Because lacking vision and feeling scarce is bogus; you gotta tap into the juicy spark of magic within you to live life on purpose and in focus.  It’s how you get specific about what lights you up and make it happen; (re)transforming yourself into an unapologetic beam of inspiration by (re)aligning your actions with the innate wisdom you had all along.


My own journey started about 10 years ago.  I realized I didn’t know who I really was or what I really wanted out of life.  Luckily a dear friend brought me to a Dharma yoga class which sparked something within and started my deep dive inward to understand my mysterious self and the gifts I bring to the world.

This up-spiraled me through myriad amazing adventures--some joyful, some not-so-good--making friends along the way who still are core members of my tribe.  Honey, I have experienced some thangs! I became a yogi, inspired by my teachers and friends, then dove into a long series of trainings that brought me to teaching yoga & meditation and practicing Thai yoga therapy & Reiki.  

I then realized that I can inspire and help people by listening to my body’s wisdom and sharing what I’ve learned.  I trust in these healing modalities because they give me clarity and helped me release the fear I had of being my true self.  They raised my vibration to attract the people and experiences I needed to grow and fully embody my potential. It was not easy work but it was so worth it!


I no longer want to keep putting my potential on hold while living on the surface not doing the work that every fiber of my being is guiding me to do. And for the first time in years, I'm offering yoga, Reiki, and Thai yoga therapy again with added magical expertise I've gained along the way.

Because I’ve found this to be true: if it feels right, embrace it, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t. When I do what doesn’t feel right that’s when dis-ease abounds. I don’t know about y’all, but I want some ease & grace in my life!

So I created the Deep Sea Dive, a lush, magical experience combining the healing modalities I expertly know to help you dig deep and take the journey to find authentic you.  I help you look beneath the surface to find hints that lead you there. I then hold you accountable and keep you passionately engaged in your transformation. All this to keep you wildly curious about what energizes you to vibe higher with confidence and direction.


It’s how you get specific about what lights you up and make it happen, (re)aligning your actions with the innate wisdom you had all along.  We need more of this radiant light in the world!


♡ Klydie

Electric Sea Fairy

Spark. Deep. Magic.