(re)transform yourself into an unapologetic beam of inspiration by
(re)aligning your actions with the innate wisdom you had all along

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Wanna get your yoga practice in full gear? Look no further! Sign up for a private session with me and don’t look back. From my years of professional experience, training and my general bad-ass-ed-ness, I will meet you where you are and provide what you need, whether its the most tender, gentle class or something more sweaty and pumped up. I am certified in and teach: Vinyasa, Power, Rocket, & Restorative Yoga and Mindful Movement & Meditation.

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Energy Healing


Vibe higher. Unblock all the bullshit so you can feel your radiant energy and live in alignment with it. What does that mean? Live a happier, more connected, more fulfilled life! How? Choose an energy healing session that is right for you:

  • Reiki Session

  • Distance Reiki Session

  • Chakra Balancing

  • Reiki w Crystals

  • Tie Cutting


Slow Deep Healing


Take the plunge into the depths of your being! You are capable of real transformation into a more realized version of yourself. I will help you get there! Get real, lasting results. I created this lush magical experience, combining the healing modalities I expertly know, to help you dig deep and take a journey to find authentic YOU. Yes yes y’all—we are talking about sparking the magic within to live the life you want! Feel free to contact me to learn if this is the right offering for you ;-)