Date Night Relaxed Style

So the guy and I finally got a little time to go out on a date just the two of us.  Phew! We ended up going out to dinner and then to the park for some relaxing.  We wanted to see the Mission Impossible movie but the timing didn't work out for the window we had the nanny.  We didn't plan it very well :-/  Actually the restaurant was shit but I enjoyed it anyway because I could have my damn rosé without worrying about the breastmilk and I could take my time to eat without looking at the clock.  If we went to the cinema, we would've been in a rush and I just hate rushing to the movies at the last minute.

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 7

On that 4C kinky curly hair…

...child please. This stuff is for real. I just spent like €200 on products since I’m running low on everything I need. You gotta have oils, you gotta have creams, you gotta have conditioners, you gotta have the right combs, you can’t sleep without a silk scarf or pillow or both just to be sure. It takes A LOT to care for natural kinky curls.  If you skip up for like one week, poof, a whole section of hair is damaged.

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 6

On caring about people…

...What ever happened to just genuinely caring about people? Maybe its just that I’m a small fish now in a big pond, but where I’m from, people care about each other. Its called community.  The moment when we think of other human beings truly as ‘other’, as foreign beings unassociated with ourselves, thats the moment we are in the most trouble as humans. We are a social species.  We depend on each other. Many of us would like to think otherwise, but its true and there’s no way around it. So why not accept that Interdependence for what it is and embrace it as a strength? 

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Friday Night Beet Salad

This recipe was so simple that I'm not even going to include step-by-step photos to guide through the recipe.  Let me know if you really would've appreciated the photos and I'll do that the next time I post a recipe, ok? ;-)  FYI, I named it Friday Night Beet Salad because beets help detoxify the liver and one needs that after a Friday night of happy hours and such.  You're welcome :-)

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Saturday Morning Musings: Vol. 5

...I’m trying to go a full year breastfeeding. The WHO recommends 6-12 months and from looking at blogs and comments everywhere, most women go about 6-8 months. I’m going the full 12 months because that connection is so important and so singular. There is nothing else nurturing like that in our human existence so I want to give this little being his fair chance at experiencing that full, abundant, nurturing love.

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10 Toxic Ingredients You Don't Want In Your Beauty Products

I know finding your way to a more natural lifestyle can feel so daunting that you just don’t want to even try. But every step you make towards rejecting a chemical-filled lifestyle is good for you and your family and good for the environment since less demand for the stuff will mean less production of it.

Every product I post on my website and social media is all-natural and usually organic too.  So if you see something you like that can replace a toxic item you’re using, please try it out!

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 4

On motherhood...

Now that the baby boy is 7 months I’m FINALLY starting to physically feel like my old self again. I’m not 100% there nor do I expect to ever be. A 9 lb baby grew inside me and came out of me. One does not go back to original after that. After 3 acute instances of back pain and a Rolfing session and osteopathic therapy that saved my ass I’m doing much better! After a pregnancy that rendered me a half step above bed rest, my muscles are finally properly supporting me and I’m ensuring that I am balancing both sides of my body better. Gosh what a ride. I wouldn’t change it for the world though what with the little bundle of joy I got in return.

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Saturday Morning Musings: Day with the Pookie Family + List of My Self Care Rituals

We call ourselves the Pookie Family.  Baby is Little Pookie, and there's Pookie Papa and, of course, I'm Pookie Mama.  Our lives are so turned upside down at the moment and its been that way for quite a long time! To take care of ourselves as a unit, we like to take advantage of these sunny weekends to take Little Pookie for a stroll and discover our current neighborhood. 

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Saturday Morning Musings: Chakras and Stripes

On chakras...

...I've been doing lots of work around my chakras these days as I pore through what I already know about them and the wealth of knowledge available from various sources.  I've especially been working on my root chakra, at the base of the spine.  This work, along with exercises given to me from my Rolfing session, has helped my back recover and helped my posture which I threw out of the door when I started putting on pregnancy weight. 

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Give 'Em a Little Shoulder: Saturday Morning Musings

On boundaries...

...I'm thinking a lot lately about boundaries and our need to create them and enforce them to maintain a healthy balance in life.  This topic is turning into a blog post in my mind because it is sooooo important yet the concept of boundaries can seem a little fuzzy if not harsh. 

So although I'm giving a little shoulder in these pics, its not necessarily the cold shoulder.  Its a nice warm and cozy one for my friends and family to lean on and an inspirational one for others to see bared in its sheer vulnerability and courage.  Its showing my hard work on boundary-setting and how its paid off. 

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Getting Around Paris: Oh My Cream ! Natural Beauty Shop

I've lived in Paris long enough to know just about where everything I need is located.  But I don't.  My energy was so off this whole time until very recently so I didn't have the extra bit to go around and explore after the 9-5.  Well now things are different, my energy is balanced, and I'm taking a summer break to stroll baby and me around the city to explore!

First thing on the list besides a constant need of this beautiful architecture?

(Well, its no Prague, but ya know...)

Yep, you guessed it, natural, organic shit.

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A Week Without Makeup: 3 Simple Steps to Radiant Skin

Even the most green of green makeup is something sitting on your face. And your face gets tired of that mess. For me, makeup has been a tremendous tool to help me hide my truest magical self from the toxic people I’ve had to deal with on a regular basis. Because they would suck the magic right out of me. No thank you. I was wearing that shit everyday like ‘bih! You can’t see me!’

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5 Self Care Strategies I Use During Tough Times

My life has never been so turned upside down as it is now.  I quit my secure government job, I’m staying in Paris without said secure job, I have a new baby/family, I’m moving, and I’m launching the business I’ve been dreaming of since the 1990’s.  Wooooo! I feel like I ran a marathon just writing it--and this doesn’t even include the excruciating details within each big change.

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Green Skincare Line Worth Using--Josh Rosebrook

I’ve been a product junkie for as long as I can remember.  I remember as a high school student flipping right to the beauty sections of ESSENCE, VOGUE, and Harper’s Bazaar.  I just love the luxurious, sexy feeling of taking care of my hair and skin. Of course, that’s spread to me embracing complete self care from my toenails to my aura!  

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Just Because

I love this Zara dress. This printed maxi dress trend has me sold and I’m already committed to wearing this style well beyond its au courant moment. I guess that means I’m closer and closer to wearing a moo-moo. Oh shit, I just remembered I actually just ordered a pink moo-moo online. Whatevs. I’ll take pics when I get it and post it here like it’s the right thing to do.

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Into the Absurd

I am in the midst of big life transformation now and one way I try and have fun with these growing pains is by expressing through style how absurd it all feels. So enjoy my crazy clash of styles here that come together to make it all work—c’est la vie!

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