3 Houseplants I Love (and You Will Too!)

These will make your home both comfy and stylish.  Not to mention plants’ air purifying qualities. Yay photosynthesis! With these lush green beauties, go big or go home.  The bigger the better--the better the health benefits and the more luxurious your space looks. Unlike framed art, there is no such thing as a too-big plant in the home.  Don’t have a green thumb? Well keep trying and don’t let the buggers intimidate you. Water it, fertilize it periodically and follow the plant’s instructions for soil, water frequency, and light levels.  Singing to our plants or whispering sweet nothings in their foliage doesn’t hurt either ;-)


Yucca is an evergreen plant native to drier climates in the Americas.  This is a perfect plant for those who keep forgetting to water them. I’ve gone almost three weeks without watering mine (poor baby) and it still thrives!  Don’t neglect them too much though. Every living thing needs some love.


Rubber Plant

Native to the lush environs of southeast Asia, rubber plants can be purchased as small plants but they can actually grow to be like 15 meters tall.  These are also pretty easy to care for, supposedly. This is one plant I love so much aesthetically, but I totally killed the one I bought. I’ll maybe try again soon!



These fun palms are native to tropical parts of the Americas.  I just imagine them in their jungle environment, lower to the Earth than the towering palms and other trees, moving as quickly as they can to catch some sun.  That’s why I love these. You have to rotate them every week or two because that’s how fast all the leaves move to face the sun coming through the window. If you don’t turn it often enough, you end up with a one-sided plant dangerously close to tipping over.  Okay, mine totally tipped over after I didn’t rotate it for over a month :-/ They’re fun, and interactive in a way and grow pretty tall. Get one!