5 Green Makeup Products to Start With

Now that we finally have full-on options for environmentally safe, non-toxic, 100% natural makeup, where oh where do we begin? Which products do I start with (‘cause mama don’t have thousands to spend on revamping the entire makeup routine)?  The answer is: think smart. Which areas of our face are most sensitive? The skin is just a big sponge, so that’s a problem when it comes to smearing toxic products on our face, but what do I need to concentrate on first? These 5 products are good areas to start with because they alleviate the toxins and chemicals in the areas that need it now!

This stuff is so close to our eyes.  Have you ever experienced burning eyes when you try a new mascara? When you think of it, that shit’s scary! If your eyes are burning, there must be something strong and not-so-good entering them.  Do you know exactly what it is? No? Well me neither. And when I look at the ingredients and see a bunch of unpronouceable chemicals, I start to wonder…. That said, its best to go as green as possible with this one.  I’ve so far tried Lily Lolo and W3LL PEOPLE and I love both.  [In image: Lily Lolo brush is on top and W3LL PEOPLE below]  Lily Lolo makes the lashes more voluminous without clumping and W3LL PEOPLE provides length and some volume.  I sometimes mix the 2 for a more flattering look for my pitiful lashes. They are both full of nourishing ingredients so you get a little care and a little beauty all in one.


All on my tear ducts, all over my eyeball, in my pupils--I have this stuff everywhere.  And what the eff is is made of??? Imagine, do you want a chemical-filled product in these sensitive, absorbing areas?  Ummmmm, no. So chuck the toxic stuff and try the ILIA or W3LL PEOPLE pencils which both glide on smooth or even get fancy with the W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist liquid liner which performs well and stays put all day.  It has the thin-point applicator to get that cat-eye situation on, well, on point! 

vapor organic beauty atmosphere luminous foundation

vapor organic beauty atmosphere luminous foundation

So the skin is an organ that absorbs whatever is on it.  That said, we should be more careful about what we put there. Choose a mineral powder foundation or a creamy stick foundation or liquid one but make sure its full of things you can pronounce and that you have some familiarity with like beeswax, jojoba oil, etc.  I live by Vapor Beauty’s Atmosphere Luminous cream stick foundation in 140.  It’s nourishing and provides buildable coverage and a nice healthy glow.  It doesn’t slip and it lasts all day long. But that may be because I keep it put with Alima Pure pressed mineral foundation in Pecan. It smells lovely and contains an antioxidant rosehip oil concoction. 


Well this is an easy one, right? I mean, we literally ingest some amount of the stuff we put on our lips so why not make sure its perfectly fine to ingest.  RMS Beauty and Ilia are the only two brands I’ve dabbled with so far. I like the coverage and feel of a few options of both but haven’t found anything I’m totally in love with yet.  If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below! 

I put this one last because even though its an eye product, it isn’t right in your tear ducts and sensitive areas around the eye itself (I just didn’t want to say eyeball again--its not my favorite word, but there, I said it :-/).  That said, it does cover the skin and a very thin area of skin at that so its best to put this one in your cart when you’re making that initial transition to green makeup. I loooooove the Lily Lolo eye shadow palettes and the individual pots. The individuals are über pigmented and the palettes hold their own in pigment as well.  I wear 2-3 colors from the Laid Bare palette  everyday unless I’m at home all day, which in case I will be wearing nothing but Mahalo moisturizer, ah thank you.