5 Self Care Strategies I Use During Tough Times

My life has never been so turned upside down as it is now!  I quit my secure government job, I’m staying in Paris without said secure job, I have a new baby/family, I’m moving, and I’m launching the business I’ve been dreaming of since the 1990’s.  Wooooo! I feel like I ran a marathon just writing it--and this doesn’t even include the excruciating details within each big change.

With all this uncertainty, I need to stay sane and grounded so when the big emotional waves hit I can handle them lovingly and stay focused on realizing my dreams.  Here’s some of the things I do to keep me coolly moving through my experiences.

Take a Long Bath or Shower

I don’t know if its because I’m a water sign (Scorpio-heyyy!), or because we’re mostly made of water, or what, but a long bath or shower really helps me to release anxiety surrounding my life trials.  

Move My Body

Yoga or some form of exercise helps me to process the traumatic shit. I can sometimes literally feel that stuff moving through my body.  If its a really bad experience I’m struggling through, some movements make tears flow so I can release it all.

Do the Work

Ignoring the issues I face do nothing to make things better; it actually makes things worse.  The key is to take things one step at a time and be compassionate to myself when I am unable to affect the outcome I imagined.  

Laugh at Myself/ the Situation

Even the most toxic of experiences deserve a laugh just to acknowledge the absurdity of it all.  Laughing (and crying) are powerful immediately-usable mechanisms to diffuse stress.

Talk to Others

This one is really difficult for me because I haven’t yet developed a close-knit group of friends here in Paris.  Also, most times, I need someone to just listen and not provide feedback. The uninterrupted speaking out loud of my difficulties is super cathartic.  This is why I’m so committed to providing the Intuitive Listening offering to anyone who needs it. 

When I follow these strategies, I’m guaranteed to suffer much much less during tough times and find a little ease and grace at the same time ;-)