6 Cultural Things I Can Appreciate About Paris

I’ve lived here now for 2 and a half years and I must say that I haven’t experienced the City of Lights as much as I should’ve.  With my big life change of leaving the day job, having started this healing venture full on, and raising a baby boy, I’m starting to look at the city in a different way.  I have more energy to get out and appreciate it and its now the place where my new life begins (again).

Market streets

I love that you can get lost in wonderful street markets for blocks and they are open everyday, not just when you’re hung over on a Sunday.  The flowers, the cheeses, the sweets, the veggies and fruits! I just love it!


The society and government care about families

Coming from a place where there is no maternity leave and having recently given birth, this is the number one thing I can appreciate about France in general.  One can get months and months of maternity leave and there are all kinds of standard social services in place for budding families and their new additions which come at little to no cost.  This is nice!

The shoulder shrug

I took this one on wholeheartedly.  Sometimes you don’t know the answer or you're kinda ambivalent about something.  That’s where the shrug comes in! Its not rudely saying, 'I can give a shit less,' but it kind of is.  But its not.

The style

Almost everyone who passes you on the street here will have impeccable style and their clothes, including outerwear, will fit like a glove.  There are exceptions of course, but for the most part, this is what I see. I love the ladies in particular who are head-to-toe same shade of grey.  Its quite common. I call it the French lady uniform...and I’m still trying to match my greys, smh…


The food portions

Although the American-sized food portions are catching on here, for the most part, you can order a meal and expect to be able to eat it all without feeling guilty about overindulging. The prices of these portions of food are a different matter, but at least you don’t have to worry so much about stopping yourself from eating.  You just eat and move on to the next thing, no problem!

Workout balance

That I’ve observed so far, people don’t tend to go all I’m-gonna-kill-myself for the sake of exercising to the max.  There are those who do, but I see people considering moderate levels of working out enough to get the benefits of moving.  At first, I thought it was laziness, but now I think its people being conscious of finding a balanced, doable for the long term, way of keeping their bodies cared for.  That said, I’m not even going to start commenting on how much people smoke…. That’s another post….