7 Ways to Mix & Match to Uplevel Your Style

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Hey! Have you ever wanted to try out mixing patterns in your outfit but stopped short because you thought you’d look foolish? Well don’t be scurred! Here’s seven (7) tips to build up your confidence and try out mis-matching with success!

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It’s an easier trick to try because you can’t go too wrong since the colors match. Any patterns you can think of can be successfully blended this way.

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Love florals? Mix a rosy large floral motif with similar roses of a smaller and slightly different color palette. When you’re doing this, you don’t want to clash colors so boldly unless you know what you’re doing. Also keep the clothing proportions right. Unless you want a super bohemian vibe (I actually would) maybe don’t opt for the floor length skirt with the long sleeved loose top.

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Stripes go with other stripes, with dots, with floral patterns, with plaids. Just keep putting the patterns you like next to the stripes you lien to get the winning pair. If you keep trying out different patterns, your eye will start to be trained to what actually blends well and compliments one another instead of clashing.

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This includes any spin on polka dots like repeating stars or repeating hearts for example. The key to this trick is to make sure there is ample space between the dots. If they’re too close then they’re just a busy pattern competing with the other you’re wearing. Try it with a paisley, a herringbone or a camouflage pattern.

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Changing up proportions along with your patterns can really add that laissez-faire style guru effect. Go for a perfect-fit pinstriped pant with a blousy printed top for example. This makes the pattern mixing more upscale and chic.

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You’re already adding fun and whimsy to your look by mixing the patterns so don’t go crazy overboard with the proportions. A nice tailored floral button down shirt tucked into high waist jeans and topped with a men’s fit plaid blazer is a nice example of this. Speaking of…


This goes for mixing textures too. But that’s another style post. Done right, this can successfully give your look that worldly flair that you thought the bohemian look would give you. It makes you look like you actually know what you’re doing. Imagine that!