A Week Without Makeup: 3 Simple Steps to Radiant Skin

Even the most green of green makeup is something sitting on your face. And your face gets tired of that mess. For me, makeup has been a tremendous tool to help me hide my truest magical self from the toxic people I’ve had to deal with on a regular basis. Because they would suck the magic right out of me. No thank you. I was wearing that shit everyday like ‘bih! You can’t see me!’

I finally got to a place where I haven’t had to wear my armor everyday and so I’m sharing how it all went for me.

First, I must say that even before going all no-makeup on ‘em, I had to do better with clean makeup application. What am I talking about? Cleaning those brushes on a regular basis. I bring this up because I started to get acne, even with my lovely breastfeeding hormones in place (which have, until recently, given me clear skin again). So I knew something was up. I cleaned my dirty ass makeup brushes with the mostly natural Beauty Blender cleanser and I saw less pimples. But oh….

When I went completely makeup-free a week ago (and this is temporary because I do love my makeup ritual...and I spent hella cheese on the big switch to all green makeup…) things almost immediately changed! What changed?

  • My skin completely cleared up

  • My skin was brightened

  • It felt softer

  • It appeared smoother

  • The pores aren’t looking so large

  • Tiny blackheads on my chin also disappeared!

So what are these 3 simple steps?

  1. Every evening I exfoliated my skin with a gentle natural loofah. I used light circular motions and I did it for about 60 seconds each night. Just loofah and water in the shower—nothing else.

  2. I followed the exfoliation with one pump of  Mahalo’s Vitality Elixir. I rubbed the elixir into my palms and pressed my palms to my face all over repeatedly for about 60 seconds.

  3. In the mornings, I gently wiped my face with a slightly damp Towel. Just lukewarm water, nothing else.

Well that’s it! The results were amazing. I could really see the difference. Now I’m hesitant to see what happens when I start to wear makeup again :-( This starts tomorrow so maybe I’ll write another post to let you know how a week of wearing makeup after going without changed things.

I would recommend doing this weekly ‘cleanse’ once a month if you can. It really makes a difference and it’s a really good long term skin care ritual for youthful or mature skin since it’s not ripping off the skin’s natural oils but enhancing them with a top quality natural oil product. Besides you have to remember the truest face of the person who has all that radiant energy inside creating the skin’s natural glow on the outside.