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Date Night Relaxed Style

So the guy and I finally got a little time to go out on a date just the two of us.  Phew! We ended up going out to dinner and then to the park for some relaxing.  We wanted to see the Mission Impossible movie but the timing didn't work out for the window we had the nanny.  We didn't plan it very well :-/  Actually the restaurant was shit but I enjoyed it anyway because I could have my damn rosé without worrying about the breastmilk and I could take my time to eat without looking at the clock.  If we went to the cinema, we would've been in a rush and I just hate rushing to the movies at the last minute.

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 7

On that 4C kinky curly hair…

...child please. This stuff is for real. I just spent like €200 on products since I’m running low on everything I need. You gotta have oils, you gotta have creams, you gotta have conditioners, you gotta have the right combs, you can’t sleep without a silk scarf or pillow or both just to be sure. It takes A LOT to care for natural kinky curls.  If you skip up for like one week, poof, a whole section of hair is damaged.

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 6

On caring about people…

...What ever happened to just genuinely caring about people? Maybe its just that I’m a small fish now in a big pond, but where I’m from, people care about each other. Its called community.  The moment when we think of other human beings truly as ‘other’, as foreign beings unassociated with ourselves, thats the moment we are in the most trouble as humans. We are a social species.  We depend on each other. Many of us would like to think otherwise, but its true and there’s no way around it. So why not accept that Interdependence for what it is and embrace it as a strength? 

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Saturday Morning Musings: Vol. 5

...I’m trying to go a full year breastfeeding. The WHO recommends 6-12 months and from looking at blogs and comments everywhere, most women go about 6-8 months. I’m going the full 12 months because that connection is so important and so singular. There is nothing else nurturing like that in our human existence so I want to give this little being his fair chance at experiencing that full, abundant, nurturing love.

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Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 4

On motherhood...

Now that the baby boy is 7 months I’m FINALLY starting to physically feel like my old self again. I’m not 100% there nor do I expect to ever be. A 9 lb baby grew inside me and came out of me. One does not go back to original after that. After 3 acute instances of back pain and a Rolfing session and osteopathic therapy that saved my ass I’m doing much better! After a pregnancy that rendered me a half step above bed rest, my muscles are finally properly supporting me and I’m ensuring that I am balancing both sides of my body better. Gosh what a ride. I wouldn’t change it for the world though what with the little bundle of joy I got in return.

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Saturday Morning Musings: Day with the Pookie Family + List of My Self Care Rituals

We call ourselves the Pookie Family.  Baby is Little Pookie, and there's Pookie Papa and, of course, I'm Pookie Mama.  Our lives are so turned upside down at the moment and its been that way for quite a long time! To take care of ourselves as a unit, we like to take advantage of these sunny weekends to take Little Pookie for a stroll and discover our current neighborhood. 

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3 ways to take back your power

For over 2 years I’ve been bullied and psychologically terrorized at my job.  I felt powerless, helpless, depressed, traumatized, angry and alone. I had no one to reach out to to help me in the situation so there i was, taking every blow, every belittling tactic and just trying to have the energy to do it all another day.

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