Date Night Relaxed Style


So the guy and I finally got a little time to go out on a date just the two of us.  Phew! We ended up going out to dinner and then to the park for some relaxing.  We wanted to see the Mission Impossible movie but the timing didn't work out for the window we had the nanny.  We didn't plan it very well :-/  Actually the restaurant was shit but I enjoyed it anyway because I could have my damn rosé without worrying about the breastmilk and I could take my time to eat without looking at the clock.  If we went to the cinema, we would've been in a rush and I just hate rushing to the movies at the last minute.  I want to be posted up in my seat like an hour before the show begins because I just don't do the awkward finding-my-seat-in-the-dark thing very well.


So we walked around aimlessly and took a few pics and ate shitty food and looked like homeless people in the park as we semi-napped.  It was glorious! It was just nice to not have to worry about our tiny human each step of the way.  Next time we plan a date night, we need to actually plan it though.  It was nice to go on a whim and be spontaneous but when we have 4 hours of us time, we need to benefit from every minute!!