Getting Around Paris: Oh My Cream ! Natural Beauty Shop

I've lived in Paris long enough to know just about where everything I need is located.  But I don't.  My energy was so off this whole time until very recently so I didn't have the extra bit to go around and explore after the 9-5.  Well now things are different, my energy is balanced, and I'm taking a summer break to stroll baby and me around the city to explore!

First thing on the list besides a constant need of this beautiful architecture?

(Well, its no Prague, but ya know...)

Yep, you guessed it, natural, organic shit.  By shit I mean beauty products, skincare products, foods, clothes--I just want as much of what I consume to be all natural and organic (good for the body and not so bad for the earth) and then I want to consume less in general (good for the earth).  

This is where Oh My Cream ! comes into the picture.  Someone told me about it as I was dying to know where I could get organic skincare from a brick & mortar joint.  I finally went there today and I loved it!  The carry a growing number of natural and organic beauty brands but there are a few not so natural ones mixed in there so you have to take the time to read the list of ingredients on each item of interest.  They have a cute little spa treatment room where they do everything from facials to manicures.  The woman who helped me was soooo kind and took the time to slow down her French so I could practice mine. 

I walked away, yes, with a much lighter bank account, but also with some items I just adored including an all natural nail polish and polish remover.  I don't want to introduce mon petit to all those harsh chemicals.  In fact, he's the reason I jettisoned my regular beauty/skincare products in exchange for 100% natural and organic ones. Now, I'm working on eating all organic and I'm eating less and less meat as well.  I digress...,


...the Kure Bazzar nail polish and polish remover are on point! Well the polish is--I haven't used the remover yet.  Also, I've been stalking LeBon toothpaste and I finally smelled all the smells and decided on Fearless Freedom, one of the whitening options in a black currant + mint flavor.  Oh la la ! J'adore !

Lastly I got all pink on 'em and since I needed a luxurious conditioner (I literally had none left) and I've been peeping Rahua everywhere I look for natural organic products, I decided to try their rainforest grown Hydration Conditioner.  I have yet to try it and am just praying that it has a lot of slip to easily detangle these tightly wound curls. It smells so good though so I can't wait to try it.


I rounded out the pink selections with a (much needed) über natural and organic hand cream by Grown Alchemist.  Its Persian Rose and Argan Extract--oh yes.  I love the old school aluminum tube and the smell is amaze-balls.  I literally can't stop smelling my hands. It pairs perfectly with my Kahina Giving Beauty Fez balm and perfume roll on.

I will update this post when I try the polish remover and conditioner.  I hope this helps you in your journey to having 100% natural beauty products!