Give 'Em a Little Shoulder: Saturday Morning Musings

On boundaries...

...I'm thinking a lot lately about boundaries and our need to create them and enforce them to maintain a healthy balance in life.  This topic is turning into a blog post in my mind because it is sooooo important yet the concept of boundaries can seem a little fuzzy if not harsh. 

So although I'm giving a little shoulder in these pics, its not necessarily the cold shoulder.  Its a nice warm and cozy one for my friends and family to lean on and an inspirational one for others to see bared in its sheer vulnerability and courage.  Its showing my hard work on boundary-setting and how its paid off. 


I loved doing this balcony photoshoot!  I had this amazing balcony for almost 3 years and never really used it except to watch cars being towed French style in the middle of the night one night with friends and wine.  They don't play with the towing around here lol. 

On gratitude...

...its funny how humans usually take for granted what they have until its gone or they see that its end is near.  This is why having a consistent gratitude practice is soooooo important.  What is a gratitude practice you say? Well it can be what you want, but an easy-to-maintain practice is naming 3 things you are thankful for every morning and/or every night.  It doesn't have to be grandiose or a different thing every time.