Just Because

I love this dress! The printed maxidress trend has me sold and I’m already committed to wearing this style well beyond its au courant moment. I guess that means I’m closer and closer to wearing a moo-moo. Oh shit, I just remembered I actually just ordered a pink moo-moo online. Lol. I’ll take pics when I get it and post it here like it’s the right thing to do.

Anyway I have a point here. So I love this polka dot dress and I was so proud to throw it on w/ silver sneaks to run baby boy and I to the store in a hurry. Everyone was so rude! Most people in Paris says ‘bonjour’ but today no one replied to my bonjour! Well now I know why. As soon as I got back ‘home’ (that’s another story) I saw in the mirror that 2 buttons came undone and my bra and cleavage were showing! They must’ve thought I was a prostitute!!! Smh. I wish the old lady at the check out counter would’ve just pointed it out to me. Oh well.


Moral to the story? Don’t be so judgemental!