Saturday Morning Musings: Chakras and Stripes

On chakras...

...I've been doing lots of work around my chakras these days as I pore through what I already know about them and the wealth of knowledge available from various sources.  I've especially been working on my root chakra, at the base of the spine.  This work, along with exercises given to me during my Rolfing session, has helped my back recover and helped my posture which went out of the door when I started putting on pregnancy weight. 

There's conflicting info out there about chakras, of course--the concept has been around for centuries--but the fundamentals remain the same.  The chakras represent energy centers in our bodies which, when in balance, allow us to gracefully move through life.  When any of the 7 main chakras are off balance, we see the emotional and physical symptoms showing up as indicators that something we're experiencing is not quite right for us.


The nice thing about all this is that you don't have to give up any of your beliefs or practices about life or energy to incorporate chakra work into your self care | healing routine.  The concept instead provides you with more tools to help you navigate the deep waters of life, its challenges and its joys!

The chakra guide is pretty much finished so I'm just too excited to share it soon. Prolly next week ;-)

On gratitude...

...I think I will include a gratitude section in each Saturday musing.  I have so much to be grateful for!  We're in a nice sunny temporary place in a nice part of Paris while we await big changes to happen that will settle our lives for the long term.  I can't wait until these future goals are met but I'm so thankful for these present moments of safety, security, togetherness, cool weather, and joy.

Feel free to share your musings in the comments below!