Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 6

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On caring about people…

...What ever happened to just genuinely caring about people? Maybe its just that I’m a small fish now in a big pond, but where I’m from, people care about each other. Its called community.  The moment when we think of other human beings truly as ‘other’, as foreign beings unassociated with ourselves, thats the moment we are in the most trouble as humans. We are a social species.  We depend on each other. Many of us would like to think otherwise, but its true and there’s no way around it. So why not accept that Interdependence for what it is and embrace it as a strength? 

I was going to visit an acquaintance who had a baby a month ago.  I was going to offer support and company since she was alone with her newborn for a few weeks.  It happened to be the hottest couple of days of the summer in Paris so it is not recommended to bring babies outdoors during the hottest times of the day.  She knew that and I knew that. So why did she offer for my baby and I to come during the afternoon (or the following morning)? It reached almost 100 degrees that afternoon.  Why would she even suggest that I risk my baby’s health like that? What if I didn’t know about the risks and went out on that walk and my baby got heat stroke or something? Not to mention there’s no air conditioning here so inside conditions wouldn’t have made it much better.  I know that she didn’t set out to harm me or baby, but the lack of loving care for another human being just was not there. That’s the 2nd time I had to protect myself and baby from another mother with baby in this area. Is it Paris? Do mothers think that they have to sacrifice others to care for their own? What is it? We can all rise up and care for one another.  There is room for us all to be healthy and nurtured. And this work must be done for us to be a thriving, successful species.


On ashtanga yoga… I slowly realize I am a full time mother and housewife, I try to untangle what that new identity means for me. It kind of happened all of a sudden as we made a last minute decision to stay in France to keep our family together as it was decided that my job was to move back to Washington DC. I’m actually so thankful that this happened because spending everyday with my little guy provides him with the best care and nurturing that money can’t even buy. But it is a discipline.

It’s my new ashtanga. This yoga practice is a sequence of the exact same poses each time you practice. So is my daily routine. With a few exceptions it’s exactly the same each day. With that, all kinds of feeling arise and fall away, but I gotta stay disciplined and keep going to provide stability and lots of love for the kiddo. Some mornings I just don’t want to! And some mornings I’m so happy to. It’s just like that with the yoga practice. But you keep going. And it is so rewarding to see yourself grow as you stick with the discipline!


On summer tourists…

….I just can’t.


On magic…

...I have always believed in the magic of real life. The way the sun immers off surfaces. The rosy pink/purple sunset. The roaring ocean. The moving fluffy clouds. There is magic all around us and in us. Just the fact that humans are made of all these tangible organic substances that come together with energy and love to create a satient being is just inexplicable. It’s magic. Magic is that very thing, that vibration, that energy that underlies reality. True magic lies in the fact that we can change that vibration, that energy, to influence reality. It’s so sad to see the power of magic all but evaporated from someone. It’s always there but so many of us no longer have a connection with it. My truest desire in life is to help people reconnect with their magic. To raise their vibrations back up to the levels they once were when they loved freely, trusted themselves and others, had hope, and were vulnerable and made strong connections with others. I’m constantly doing this work for myself too. That’s how I know how powerful it really is.


On lessons from yoga and running races….

Life is fucking hard sometimes. And when it’s hard there’s no way around it but through it. The Pookie Family is seeing challenge after challenge arise and there no way around it, but what? Through it. That’s where my experience in yoga and running races has come in super handy. The yoga I know is not stars and rainbows yoga, my practice was sweaty, my teachers were encouraging and sometimes it felt like I wouldn’t be able to make it to see savasana until I did. And it felt so damn good. It was freeing to go through the fire and make it out on the other end not only alive but also flourishing.

It was the same when I used to run races. I’m not a good runner. My lungs felt like they would explode. My legs were always wobbly and itchy. I thought I might faint. Thoughts of my childhood asthma flooded my mind. But at some point, all these pains and worries didn’t matter. They didn’t necessarily disappear, but they ceased to have a hold on me. And that kind of freedom in the middle of duress is amazing.

So I’m in the middle of stressful times. Fear is cr sting thoughts that tell me to quit, to run, to just find another way. But there is no other way but through. I must keep going. Now that I realize this I’m already feeling the load of fear become the nothingness that it is. Savasana on somebody’s beach better be coming soon!!!!!