Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 7

Saturday Morning Musings Vol. 7.png

On that 4C kinky curly hair…

...child please. This stuff is for real. I just spent like €200 on products since I’m running low on everything I need. You gotta have oils, you gotta have creams, you gotta have conditioners, you gotta have the right combs, you can’t sleep without a silk scarf or pillow or both just to be sure. It takes A LOT to care for natural kinky curls.  If you skip up for like one week, poof, a whole section of hair is damaged. To others it might seem like extras but to the kinky curly crew we have to spend the dollars and the hours just to get normal, healthy hair. It’s a nice lesson in self care though. Carving out the time to care for my délicate tresses has honestly not been on the top of my list but now I’m paying for it in damage. So it’s simple as that: the more I care for my hair, the healthier it is. I can easily apply this mantra to every aspect of my life from diet to exercise to creating community. So kinky curly girls and guys, just let caring for your hair be a guide in how you show up for and care for the rest of you ;-)

*Plus this gives me an excuse to catch up on my favorite natural hair vloggers on YouTube—yay! ‘Cause, yeah, I don’t remember how exactly to wash my hair. SMH.


On filling what’s wrong…

...with more wrong! Ok so I’ve made it clear that this isn’t the easiest time in my life so what do I do when the stress triggers hit and the cortisol pumps? Go right to the addictions. This is how addictions formed in the first place. My two biggest addictions are shopping and eating. Now you might think, ‘oh that’s nothing to worry about!’ But oh it is—especially the shopping. You know that whole thing about money not growing on trees? Well, turns out it’s true. And while I know deeply that I’ll be ok, I’ll take care of myself and my family, I am completely unnerved at how I throw all logic to the wind when I’m staring at that online shopping cart and press ‘purchase.’ I have to find another way.

I’ve done a great job with working with this addiction over the last 4 years or so but it crept back into rather full swing right after I gave birth. Because if anything was stressful, it was becoming a new mother in a country whose language you don’t speak that well and with no friends and family around and with a boss on your ass about everything to the point where you couldn’t take anymore.

So that was 7 months ago and I’m experiencing up and down swings of that addiction as I work on healing and self care but still am experiencing crazy shit with trying to settle here without having a support network.

Recognizing and acknowledging the habit are the first steps. Now I meditate to investigate the root causes some more and call some friends to get support. I need to create some healthy habits to go to when the shopping stressors get triggered.  Practicing yoga and handstand drills have already done a lot to help. Wish me luck y’all. Words of encouragement are always helpful too!


On technology…

...I just spilled a drink all over my laptop.  I have to blog! I feel like Carrie Bradshaw when her computer died. <insert super sad face emoji here>


Update on technology… day of drying later and the computer works but the keys are sticky. I’ve never felt so grateful for sticky keys!!!