Saturday Morning Musings: Day with the Pookie Family + List of My Self Care Rituals

We call ourselves the Pookie Family.  Baby is Little Pookie, and there's Pookie Papa and, of course, I'm Pookie Mama.  Our lives are so turned upside down at the moment and its been that way for quite a long time! To take care of ourselves as a unit, we like to take advantage of these sunny weekends to take Little Pookie for a stroll and discover our current neighborhood. 

Paris is such a beautiful city and since we're temporarily in the big money/old money area of the 16th arrondissement, we are seeing so much beautiful architecture! The one thing about Paris that we can barely take right now tho is the bureaucracy. Ugh.  Trying to get ourselves established here is taking forever and we have to jump through so many hoops.  From an anthropological perspective, its quite fascinating.  This inefficient country in the center of so much European efficiency.  How does France end up this way? Anyways, once you accept its quirks, processes, and slow pace, its not so bad.  At the moment, however, buying an apartment, and becoming a legal resident, and getting daycare, and living off of one salary is all too much to bear at once from the Queen Country of Paperwork!

I'm documenting these times of trials until we get settled knowing that I'll be able to reflect back and see all that we've gone through to get there.  Its amazing too to find so many gifts and moments of joy while so many changes are happening. 

2 Things have been saving my ass in this sea of change:

  • My mindfulness practice has been a game changer. I can't imagine having to endure such huge changes for so long without a practice like that to sustain me, keep me content and thankful, and keep me moving forward.

  • Self care has helped me to reset and treat myself with loving kindness so I can extend it to my family and others. My self care routine is very consistent and ritualistic. It is a true devotion and takes discipline. It includes:

  1. Taking naps (with baby)

  2. Taking walks (with baby)

  3. Doing very very gentle yoga movement

  4. Eating super healthy meals and listen to my body in terms of whether its actually hungry or not.

  5. Indulging whenever I want without guilt (i notice i indulge less without the guilt factor)

  6. Daily baths with essential oils

  7. Caring for my afro texture natural hair daily (honestly this is a brand new one. as you can see in the pics i have lots of breakage at the hairline [and in general] so a bih gotta get that hair game tight again too)

  8. Face masks and general skin care

  9. Only organic, all natural, cruelty free products on and in my body