The Injury that Wouldn’t Die: 5 Lessons I (Re)learned from Weeks of Lower Back Pain

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been pining away about recent recurring lower back pain. It’s been a mutha but I can’t hate on it 100%. Here’s 5 things my acute lower back pain has (re)taught me:


1. Be mindful in every moment.

I have to be so careful in my movement to not spasm my back. This keeps me unbelievably present. At first it was annoying but now I’m finding the beauty and grace in slow movement. My dancing background is coming back and I’m making squatting to pick something up look like the most beautiful plié you’ve seen ;-)

2. The body is intrinsically connected to the emotions.

I’m in the midst of many huge life changes and I’ve not been present and focused through all of it. That means I’ve emotionally bypassed some of my biggest challenges instead of fully working through them. So where does all that get stored up? In the body. How does it show up? Disease and pains and infections and injuries. 

3. The parts of our bodies that hurt correlate to the things we are struggling with in life.


The more we fight against accepting our circumstances, the more they manifest within us physically and otherwise. So if you have an acute or chronic pain, pay attention to where it is. There are energy points all over the entire body so just pinpointing the pain can give insight into what energy is blocked or overly expressed. The easiest-to-understand set of energy points are the 7 chakras [I'll have chakra quick guide coming soon!]. Addressing difficulties in areas of our lives linked to the chakras can address the physical manifestations of duress in those areas of the body. This is not, of course, in lieu of medical treatment—I’m under the care of an ostèopathe, acupuncturist, and massage therapist—this is supplemental work. But it is real and it does work.

4. When an inextricable force comes into our lives, we must be open to going with the flow of ushering that force gracefully through us.

We can’t live life the exact same way as before that force greeted us. And that’s okay. Finding flexibility to allow change is not weakness. It may, in fact, be the only way we can accept the change without breaking or causing beaucoup stress. Each time I tried to move my body the way I used to before injury, sharp pain and spasms popped into my back. Those movements were no longer accessible to me and the longer it took for me to accept that, the more pain I felt. The healing could only happen when I gracefully adjusted my actions to get to the same end goal. See, it’s not about changing your path or your goals, it’s about changing how you move down that path to get there.

5. Stillness is magical.

And powerful.  And uncomfortable. It is a fertile land for big transformation.

I realized how much unnecessary busy work I was doing, well, because I physically couldn’t do it. I found ways to busy myself so I didn’t have to work through the various states of emotion that rise and fall through the day. With this injury, I found stillness again and it has really brought be back into my body and back to presence and I am thus a better vessel of guidance, nurturing, and protection for my baby. And for myself. And for others. I realized I’ve missed much too many meditation sittings and it empowered me to recommit. Stillness brings presence which brings an abundance of other gifts to our everyday. 

I’ve learned a lot more, but these are the top lessons that I thought might also be insightful for you and any challenge you might currently be facing. If you’ve had similar experiences, let a sister know! Sometimes the universe has to hit us with a whammy to step back, take a look around us and enjoy the abundant lives we are living.