Yoga and Self Image: Keep it Real

For as long as I practiced yoga everything was effortless.  Okay there was plenty of effort, but if I put in the work my practice easily progressed.  I fit the mold of the petite, lithe woman who yoga came to naturally.

Ahem, postpartum. Hmm.  

The way I knew yoga is all thrown out of the window--especially the effortlessness.  Add in the extra weight that hasn’t come off yet, and I’m experiencing yoga in a completely different way.  But I love it. Yoga is new to me all over again. I have to try hard again. My muscles have to hurt a lot again.  But now I come to all this with so much wisdom--general life wisdom and wisdom from repairing my body after injuries from being stupid in my yoga practice.  

I briefly share this experience to impart impartiality to the practice of yoga.  It doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t have to be Gumbi flexible. It doesn’t have to be in a constant handstand.  It doesn’t have to be skinny. Or it can be all those things. The point of it all is that it MUST honestly represent you where you are in this moment of life.  Mine has a few chunks of extra padding here and there and I’m totally cool with it--and that’s keeping it real.