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The Community EVENTs


My work is centered around healing and part of that work is done in community with others on this path to develop and foster a healthy way of presenting our true selves to others. That’s hard work yo!

And it takes practice. Practice in a safe space. That’s where my community offerings come into the picture! I offer the following community circles on a rotating basis:



Women’s Circle

The women’s circle offering is a community safe space for us to get together and openly share whatever we need to in the moment. The circle is a safe haven for us to develop trust with one another to serve as a way to improve the quality of our relationships. The circles last for 6 weeks and I periodically offer them throughout the year. The next round starts September 23, 2018!


Kirtan | Chant Circle

Do you love the Bhakti yoga practice of Kirtan? Well I know I do. Chanting age old songs with positive meanings and requests of protection and alignment with the order of the universe is my jam. Singing with others raises the vibration of all in the room. It’s a nice way to just feel connected and put positive energy into the world. I hold weekly Kirtan circles at different locations around Paris. This is offered on a by-donation basis.


Meditation Circle

I lead a weekly meditation circle by-donation for those interested in having a consistent group meditation practice and who want to be part of a sangha. The sessions include a Dharma talk and a guided meditation.  I practice meditation in the Vipassana tradition.


Vision | Manifest Circle

Group vision boarding is so powerful, I don’t care what the naysayers say. Taking action on our vision is even more powerful y’all! Join me (and bring your favorite magazines) to create a vision of an aspect of your life as I lead you through the next steps to take to make the vision a reality. 

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Save your spot!


all necessary supplies and light vegetarian snacks are included in each session so only bring your lovely self and what you think you may personally need. if you have a certain pillow or props you like to use for kirtan or meditation, feel free to bring them along. for vision | manifest sessions, we could always use extra magazines or other visuals if you have them.


the communities created by these circles are sacred. these provide a space where people can feel safe when openly sharing and fully being themselves. that said, part of making a safe and sacred community is showing up. if you think you may have conflicting commitments  please don't sign up, just wait for a circle that suits your availability better.

if you sign up and absolutely cannot make it for some reason, provide 48 hours notice. If notice is not provided in that time, you will be charged 25 euros.

*for the women's circle in particular: signing up is a commitment to showing up to all 6 sessions over the 6 weeks. our sacred space is disrupted and not safe if you cannot show up to all sessions. if you need to cancel before the 6 week session starts, provide 48 hours notice or more.