The Deep Sea Dive is a lush, magical experience.

It combines the healing modalities I expertly know to help you dig deep and take the journey to reconnect with authentic you. I help you look beneath the surface to find hints that lead you there.  I then hold you accountable and keep you passionately engaged in your transformation. All this to keep you wildly curious about what energizes you to vibe higher with confidence and direction.


This is for

  • My creative dreamers--multi-talented and multi-focused-- modern renaissance peeps.

  • My peeps who want something more than the 9-5 daily grind.  

  • My hard workers who are fed up with lacking focus, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling the smallness of scarcity.

  • My folks who feel unheard and misunderstood.

  • All who want the luxurious abundance that comes from living in focus and on purpose by

    1. Diving within

    2. Healing

    3. (Re)energizing and

    4. Taking action to manifest the life they are truly here to experience.

It’s how you get specific about what lights you up and make it happen, (re)aligning your actions with the innate wisdom you had all along.  We need more of this radiant light in the world!

If you’re living in or visiting Paris, let’s do this!


The SLOW DEEP Dive Package includes:

  • A juicy 2-hour session of healing and preparing to take action on life goals

  • A personalized inspiration zine choc full of recommendations and reminders of what ignites you

  • 3 crystals to help keep you focused and inspired

  • Custom essential oil blend just for you

  • 6 thirty-minute intuitive listening sessions over 6 weeks to hold you accountable, keep you balanced and moving towards that which lights you up

If you're feeling stuck, take advantage of this package! 

Feel free to email me at to see if this is the right path for you :-)