Balanced a.f.

A regular routine of aligning mind, body, & spirit keeps you balanced af. Sign up for private yoga sessions with me to help get you there. Although each class will look a little different based on your needs in the moment, I have the same process for each session: checking in, quieting the mind, doing the physical work and grounding the energy. This is meant to help keep you clear and focused so you can get after your goals, be consistent, and have compassion for yourself and others. The yoga workout doesn’t hurt either ;-)

I teach many styles of yoga so can provide as much of a sweaty or relaxing practice as is needed during your session. I know from experience the right combination of challenging and relaxing poses to ensure you get what you need.



  • 75 minutes of a customized yoga flow that suits your needs

  • Meditation

  • Optional use of crystals and essential oils

  • Use of luxury mat and props

  • Single session or per-6-week packaged sessions


  • You’ve been wanting your yoga without the packed yoga classrooms

  • You’ve had big life changes and are in need of a yoga experience focused on helping you through them.

  • You want to work on some basics before joining those jam-packed classes.

  • You’ve mastered the basic movements but want to go into more advanced postures.

  • You are interested in cultivating a consistent meditation practice.

  • You want a little peace and quiet. So much noise around us already!

  • You have an injury or condition that keeps you wary of group classes.

  • You focus better in a one-on-one learning environment.

  • You don’t want to feel like you’re on stage performing for others.


I offer private yoga packages too! In addition to the single sessions, you can dedicate yourself to the practice with my packaged 6, 12 or 18 sessions per 6 weeks.

If you’re living in or visiting Paris, let’s do this!