JUNE 2018

Weekly Wellness and Healing News:

Have you heard of 'moon milk' yet? If not, jump on the Instagram bandwagon and see what this thousands-year old Ayurvedic drink has to offer in benefits and picture-worthiness. 


Naturopath nutritionist, Rosemary Ferguson gives us a beautiful 5-day plan for a working week detox.  Its instragrammable, yummy, and most important of all, healthy.  Here's the 5 links, one for each day:

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4Day 5


This vlog about a British actress's down spiral experience of 'wellness' is so important to hear.  Real wellness is not a vegan Barbie doll with a great Instagram page.  Real wellness is embodiment of ourselves, whoever we are.


To embrace or not embrace the cannabis.  See the newest spa uses of the green stuff.


Yasss! Read about the Prison Yoga Project and the way it's helping people behind bars process trauma and heal.


Here's a brief peek into the life of a traditional healer in Bali.  Goalzzzz.


Take a look at this big step towards African American healing from slavery and struggling for freedom in Selma, Alabama.  This big investment can pay it forward big time!


Suicide on the rise in the U.S. by 30% has us all wondering what's going on and what we can do to help heal.  Check out this article about a man who atempted suicide and is now finding hope and healing.