May 2018

If you need any of the FAVES I’ve posted in the past for reference here's everything I've posted for MAY 2018 right here y'all! 


With my blooming family, I need several ways to keep us on track.  I’m loving framed chalkboards like this one to help out:

I don’t know what Rose de Mai is, but it sounds like it smells heavenly.  So I’m dying to try this all-natural face mist to see what its all about:

The simplicity of this all-black organic cotton romper for the little one will make him look like a baby bad-ass:


The. Perfect. Beach. Bag. And its fair trade :-)

I want these so bad for the summer.  But I'm gonna have to go ahead and cut off those big ugly tags on the sides:

For those of you Stateside, CB2’s Prisma bedding screams ‘run, jump, land, take a nap’:


The fringe! The stripes! What more can I say? These affordable towels will bring an air of luxury to the Salle de Bain:

I am here for the floral maxi dress and would wear this one to the grocery store (with those rope sandals) and the opera:

Lawd yes. I would wear this everyday except the 6 weeks when its actually hot in Paris: 


Where would I be without my dozens of half-written-in notebooks? Lost, I tell ya.  I’m feeling the summer vibe of this Moleskine yellow guy:

This basket is so luxe looking and can hold anything from diapers (chez moi) to large plants:

If I didn’t already have a full suite of hard-case luggage I would totally buy a collection of green AWAY suitcases: