There’s always new findings revealed in the effectiveness of mindful practices like yoga and meditation and other forms of healing, wellness, and living holistically. Here is my attempt at consolidating some of that news and bringing it to you so you can be gently reminded of why taking a moment to breathe deeply every now and then is more than a trend. It’s a way of life completely and utterly worth living. These are updated weekly and archived monthly so set a reminder to come back often and see what's new!


Week of AUGUST 12

Wellness and Healing News:

I don't know how wellness become this idea of something to be bought as opposed to a process to go through and embrace.  Here's yet another article illustrating this big misconception of wellness


Ok, I'm putting one more up here because it seems like there is a campaign featuring authors presenting the most overzealous, extremely distorted views of 'wellness' to say that wellness as an industry, as an area of professionalism is bad and should go away.  Hmmm.  This just seems like big companies, pharma, and FDA are just mad at the fact that people are remembering some of the more holistic ways to take care of themselves.


Alright wellness haters, here's an article which shows why wellness is a real thing and we have a real need for it.  This is an inspiring story of how one woman's experience led her to create an organization to help black women in Maryland get the opportunity to be well. 


OMG, I very much appreciate this article that gives 13 self care tips to busy parents who don't have time to take long baths and have quiet time.  Yasss!!!


This is also a nice list of 14 very realistic ways to care for yourself.  Again, it doesn't have to be grandiose or consist of turquoise and pink fancy foods.  It just has to make you feel whole, balanced, and able to face life's challenges....


And if that article didn't work for you, here's a list of 11 ways to care for yourself that don't cost a dime.


If you know a loved one dealing with Parkinson's disease, some good news MAY be on the horizon.  See what these Japanese scientists are doing to hopefully soon develop a cure


I'm just posting this one because it made my eyes roll really hard.  It headlines that a diverse diet isn't necessarily better for you.  What its really saying is: if you have no knowledge of how to eat healthy and you think diet diversification means adding an almond Snickers bar and chocolate Cherrios to your daily regimen then, ok, a diverse diet is bad for you.