There’s always new findings revealed in the effectiveness of mindful practices like yoga and meditation and other forms of healing, wellness, and living holistically. Here is my attempt at consolidating some of that news and bringing it to you so you can be gently reminded of why taking a moment to breathe deeply every now and then is more than a trend. It’s a way of life completely and utterly worth living. These are updated weekly and archived monthly so set a reminder to come back often and see what's new!


Week of July 15 Wellness and Healing News:

If you're still ignoring the impact your use of plastics has on the environment check this article out.  Let's ditch the use of straws in particular, if not for the Earth, at least for your on health.  Read on....


Hmmm, red light therapy? Some are swearing by this method as the latest skin youthifier among other things.  Take a look at the article here to see if this is right up your alley or not.


If you love gorgeous historic photos of water, you're going to love this history of the swimming pool article.  Its interesting to track the roots of a place we use to de-stress and have fun.


Since cannabis (weed) is now legal in a growing number of cities across the U.S. there is a load of (legal) employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.  So if you know someone dealing with the stuff illegally, get them on the legal track. This article can help.


Yoga in the West is still in dire need of diversifying.  Here's an Oregon resident's attempt at making that happen and including yoga into the lives of people of color (POC) from a young age.


Here's another awesome example of yoga and intersectionalism happening in Birmingham, Alabama.  The LGBTQ community is getting the dose of yoga it needs through the initiative mentioned in this article.


Hmmm...I'm not sure shamanistic healing was meant for this but, well, Louis Vuitton can afford to take as many measures as it needs to pull off a perfect fashion show.  And you thought the Rain Dance wasn't real....


Just in case you need it, here's some good reminders about staying healthy as a vegan.  Don't assume or forget about some of the things you need to do to stay on top of the plant-based path.


Social media is playing its part in making veganism an accessible idea to viewers/followers.  I must admit, I've gotten a good recipe idea or two from vegan and healthy eating accounts I follow on Instagram.  How about you?