I like stuff y’all! Sorry not sorry.

I’ve lived in shame of liking nice material things for most of my life. I don’t have time for that anymore. It’s just part of my being at this moment, in this life so I’m gonna enjoy it like it’s a Mardi Gras celebration! And so. I bring to you my weekly listing of favorite things I found across the interwebs so that you too can bask in their uniqueness along with me.

WEEK OF JULY 22 2018


I love the weird white shapes pattern on this glassware.  Nice conversation starter. They’re made of recycled glass!

I love the ‘oops, I didn’t try to be sexy!”-ness of this dress:

These recycled aluminum side tables are chic and affordable:


OMG this organic cotton baby gift set makes me want to have a baby all over again!

I can’t help but feel like I need this bag so intensely!

For the hippier lady (like myself) the peplum top is always a must in the closet.  It sets the body proportions just right:


So you’re headed to the beach for summer vaycay? Take these organic beach towels with you! :

I am totally down for the leopard print craze going on right now.  I’d wear this dress to EVERYTHING in a heartbeat:

These teak wood measuring cups are sustainable and add a hint of style to the kitchen staples: 


MMMMMMM, I love me a good tobacco scented candle. I’d like to try this Australian brand:

Now you know how I love a good eyelet top!

I’m a sucker for an otherwise plain dress with a little cut-out action: