There’s always new findings revealed in the effectiveness of mindful practices like yoga and meditation and other forms of healing, wellness, and living holistically. Here is my attempt at consolidating some of that news and bringing it to you so you can be gently reminded of why taking a moment to breathe deeply every now and then is more than a trend. It’s a way of life completely and utterly worth living. These are updated weekly and archived monthly so set a reminder to come back often and see what's new!


Week of July 22

Wellness and Healing News:

So now all the markets are tapping into the 'wellness' industry to make money :-/ Starting in 2019, the world's first Wellness Cruises will begin.  It seems that wellness means action-packed Type-A fitness for people who can afford it.  Oh well, someday they may get it right.


Destiny's Child member, Michelle Williams, announced on social media that she has sought out professional help for the depression she is battling.  This is such important news, especially for the black community since seeking professional mental help is often stigmatized within it.  You go Michelle!


You know how you're staying on top of those Omega-3 supplements? Well you can trash them now.  Turns out the only way to really get what's needed for heart health is to actually eat fish, not take supplements.


Now this is cool! Check out this project which explores the work of designers and artists as a means of finding stillness usually attained through meditation.


For fun: according to Australian ELLE, here's the top three self care trends that are becoming super popular.


So you're not that into video games? Me neither! They're too violent, right?!  Well this female-owned gaming company is, well, changing the game.  Check out #Selfcare, a game where you stay in bed all day long.  Its hitting the market soon!


Wellness is so misunderstood.  People think it means being overly positive while dismissing their true feelings, especially if they're "bad" feelings.  First off, there's no bad feelings, but some are uncomfortable for sure.  Second, it is completely detrimental to bypass emotions to be fake-positive.  Check out this woman's experience with the "wellness trap" on social media to better understand.


Huge news for those who have a family history of Alzheimer's disease like me.  Scientists just figured out the precise moment when the healthy protein in the brain becomes toxic and starts the degenerative process.  This is a big win towards eradicating the horrible disease.