I like stuff y’all! Sorry not sorry.

I’ve lived in shame of liking nice material things for most of my life. I don’t have time for that anymore. It’s just part of my being at this moment, in this life so I’m gonna enjoy it like it’s a Mardi Gras celebration! And so. I bring to you my weekly listing of favorite things I found across the interwebs so that you too can bask in their uniqueness along with me.

WEEK OF JULY 29 2018


I’ve been wanting a pj set like this for years now: top

I’ve been wanting a pj set like this for years now: bottom

When you’re in Paris stop by Popelini to get yourself a chou à la crème. You will not be sorry:


This bag tho. Tote, crossbody, and backpack. Big enough to hold the laptop. Comes in many colors but I love this luxe shade time and time again:

This cute pink pill case makes me want to get my vitamin game back on point:

This sweater would just confirm to others that I shit rainbows:


I would put this neon light over the sofa mixed with various types of artwork:

Literally just a T-shirt & shorts but why does it look so stylish???

I wanna see if this crystal facial roller lives up to the hype:


I love a good masculine jumpsuit. I’d wear this one with strappy suede block heels & really high headwrap:

Please somebody send this family to the beach! And buy me these sunnies to wear there:

I’m really intrigued by these oils, the creative descriptions, and the Ayurvedic ingredients. Pure Rest is the one I need: